Back to School

For me, August 1st marks the magical time of year that kicks of Back-to-School! It is honestly one of my favorites times because it marks new beginnings. I feel more creative, more excited, and more myself! (And, Target has tons of awesome classroom stuff! I'll be honest about how much time I spend thinking about my classroom while roaming the aisles.) 

Every year I reconsider how I can build a classroom community for learning, caring, and friendship. I believe that what you do at the start of the year is essential to lasting success. I think that building community should be fun and the results are something you can return to over and over again as principles that class agrees upon.

For these reasons, I developed three different Back-to-School resources for teachers - Critical Thinking and Perspective Taking with Six Hats of Thinking, Building a Classroom Community Using Poster Dialogue, and A Recipe for Friendship with Enemy Pie (1st & 2nd grade or 3rd & 4th grade).

I can't wait to see how you are using these resources in your classroom! 
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